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If you are a coach, therapist or workshop leader. If you’re struggling to be seen. We can work together to find out and address what’s blocking you from getting your project off the ground, finding clients and selling your workshops.

I have spent most of my career business consulting now I'm using these skills to help professionals in the wellbeing space. I can work with you to create, monitor and optimise your marketing strategies to promote your business. 


How Can I Help You

The Strategy

Create a strategy tailored to your business to give you focus and direction with a clear step by step action plan.

The Message

Find the unique expression of who and what you have to offer so you can emotionally connect with your audience to stand out and be seen!

The Technology

I''ll give you the technical support  you need to remove any tech headaches that are preventing you for getting yourself out there.

The Mindset

Uncover and work through emotional blocks that stop you from finding passion and sharing your unique gifts with the world.

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